Dr. Tan Flippin  Pastor of Discipleship
Dr. Tan Flippin  Pastor of Discipleship


Pastor of Discipleship


Location is 500 W. Bluebonnet Dr. Granbury, TX  76048
Office   817.573.2094

Office 817.573.2094 • Prayer 817.573.8588

500 W. Bluebonnet Dr. Granbury, TX 76048

Which Group Should I Attend? You can attend any group. They are distributed from the north side of town all the way down to the Glen Rose area. Each home will be a unique make-up of different age groups (cross-generational) to some extent. You may choose to attend a group where you know the leader well—or you may simply choose the host home that is closest to yours.

What curriculum are we using? For the first quarter, we will be studying Contagious Community—Living Beyond Yourself. The study includes topics such as: Accepting One Another, Being Patient with One Another, Forgiving One Another, Living at Peace with One Another, Praying for One Another, etc. Two groups (Welch and Conder—see below) are already using a different curriculum beside Contagious Community and will continue on it.

What if I Have Children? For the sake of simplicity, we are going to attempt to facilitate childcare at the homes. The plan is for different parents to rotate keeping the children at the homes that have childcare needs. Three specific homes have been designated below as the best homes for parents of children to attend. However, if you have children, that does not mean you must attend these particular groups.

How Long Will Groups Last? The plan is for Community LIFE Groups to be ongoing, although they will be more flexible than LIFE Groups that meet at the church. There will occasionally be times when a Community LIFE Group does not meet (for various reasons) while regular LIFE Groups meet every week.

What if our Group Outgrows the House We are Meeting In? That would be a good problem to have! In that case, we will add another Community LIFE Group to accommodate the number of people attending.

Will I Have Weekly “Homework”? Yes, but it will be simple and not time-consuming. Homework, if you want to call it that, consists of simply reading a verse or brief passage each day that accompanies that week’s topic, and then thinking about a question related to it.

Can I Bring a Friend, or Are These “Closed Groups”? No, you are always invited—and even encouraged—to bring guests.

Middle-aged to Senior Adults Sunday at 7:00 Home of Jim and Karen Alstaetter 817-578-8011

Coed Adults Sunday at 6:00  Home of Kay Wiseman

Residents of Waterview Tuesdays at 3:00 Waterview Senior Living Center Susan Merritt and Kay Wiesmann   817-988-8902

Live Forward

Women - all ages Jan Waites, Monday at 1:00



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